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Bookshelf #8

Phoumi by Nick JS Thompon

"Phoumi meaning "village" in Khmer is a series based on the various floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia. 

Mainly inhabited by Vietnamese fishing communities, they travel up and down the lake depending on the seasons and rainfall. The villages face the ongoing problem of access to clean and safe drinking water.”

Nick’s visually intriguing images of Cambodia’s floating villages capture a strange relationship between the destructive and serene nature of a place shaped by water, both a lack of safe water to drink and that which surrounds every home. 

Each spread is varied in layout, mirroring a certain chaos but forcing the viewer to pick out small details within every image, providing a geographic representation of the people and buildings which make the villages unique. 

Aesthetically, it seems that the content of Phoumi is brought together by the colour and texture which is akin throughout the locations photographed. 

40 pages

Colour throughout

Saddle stitched

Soft cover

Edition of 100, signed & numbered

Self published

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Issue #2 is now available for full purchase! 

With work by:
Erin Geideman / Marisa Chafetz / Sam Leakey / Kirsten Allen / Anne Erhard / Jeremy White / Joëlle de Vries / Ryan Helfant / Duvan Carmona / Wildline Cadet / Mirella Martinez / Michelle Lee Wallace / Annabel van Royen / Anne Paternotte / Emily Porter

H O M E F R O M H O M E 

£4  - purhase here